Care for Orchids

Orchid Care

Welcome to where you can learn tips on orchids care. If you're new to growing it, then there are many things you need to learn about caring for orchids. Some of the most important factors include temperature, light, humidity, and of course water. Here are a few starter tips on how to care for orchids.


Giving your plant the right amount of light is essential when taking care of orchids. Giving too little light will likely stunt growth and cause other health problems. Giving too much light will also cause problems, mainly damaged leaves.


Another important aspect of caring for orchids is providing the appropriate temperature. Most species are found throughout tropical or subtropical areas of the world. Therefore, you will need to provide higher temperatures than for those found in cooler climates.


Humidity is also a big factor when growing orchids. Some plants like to be kept very moist. Others like to stay dry. Therefore, it's important to identify your specific orchid species so you can proper care of the plant.

You should be aware that higher humidity levels will provide excellent conditions for the growth of fungus. A fungal infection can sometimes have deadly consequences. If you need to provide more humidity, make sure you also provide more air circulation. You can open a window in the room or use a small fan placed near the plant. It shouldn't be pointed directly at it though.


Every plant needs water, even those found in deserts throughout the world. Some species of orchids like to be soaked thoroughly with each watering. Others prefer to dry out almost completely. The potting medium should remain fresh enough to allow water to drain freely. If water is allowed to collect in the middle of the pot, the roots will likely start to rot.

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