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Caring For Fresh Cut Roses

Fresh-cut roses are a popular gift, but unless they are given the proper care, they will only last a very short time before withering. However, if you care for them properly and follow the advice given here, you can prolong the life of your roses and make sure that you are getting the best out of them. Caring for your roses is the best way of showing that you appreciate the gift.

You should start caring for your roses as soon as you receive them. Rather than leaving them next to the sink for a couple of hours, you should cut them and prepare them immediately. Firstly, you will need to remove any leaves that will be below the water level when you put them in a vase. These are fairly easy to remove using your fingers, and don’t require much force.

Once the unwanted leaves are off the stem, run the stems under the cold tap in your sink as you cut around an inch from the base of the stems. Keeping the base of the stems as wet as possible while you move them, place the roses into the vase one at a time. Most commercial bouquets should come with a sachet of plant food or preservative. Follow the instructions on the packet carefully and place the food into the water accordingly. Many people skip this step, but it can actually prolong the life of your roses considerably. You can top up the nutrient levels with some extra feeding solution every time you top up the water, although it is best not to overdo this.

The water that you use in the vase should be lukewarm rather than ice cold, as this will cause less shock to the plant. Once you have done this, you should leave them in a cool room for a couple of hours to acclimatise. When choosing a place to display your roses, keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources such as radiators or fires. Place them in a cool area within your room, and keep the water levels and nutrients topped up regularly. If you see any damaged areas on the stem above the water level, cut the rose above that level and place it in warm water for an hour or so before putting it back in with the other roses. If you follow these instructions, you can prolong the life of your floral display by a number of days.

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