Care for Orchids

How to Care for Dendrobium Orchids

Although some have adapted to cooler climates, dendrobium orchids are normally found in tropical areas of the world. Members of this genus usually grow on trees, but others grow on rocks. This article will give you a few tips on growing one of these plants.


In the morning, you should provide your plant with full soon. It will need more shading from noon until the late afternoon. You can easily use an overhead light to do this easily.


As mentioned earlier, many Dendrobiums are found growing on trees in their natural habitat. They are used to drying out almost completely before they get anymore water. Therefore, you should let the potting medium dry out thoroughly before you provide more water.


As you already learned, Dendrobium orchids like tropical areas. This means you need to provide warmer temperatures. Try to keep it between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime. The temperature should range between 65 and 75 degrees at night.


When growing one of these plants, it's important to provide excellent air movement. Good air circulation stops water from accumulating and leading to disease or formation of mold. Although you can use a small fan, you need to make sure it isn't blowing directly at the plant. You can also open up a window in the room to provide air circulation.


You should repot Dendrobium orchids about every two years. You should wait until Spring to put the plant in a new pot. This way it will have already bloomed or produced new growth. If you want to use a larger pot, it's usually best to use a medium-grade fir bark. Smaller pots can be used with fine-grade fir bark.

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