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Orchid Wedding Bouquet Hints And Tips

Orchids are a very popular choice of flower in wedding bouquets. Here are some hints and tips to help you choose the orchids for a wedding bouquet.

White orchids are traditional, but you can go for vibrant colours as well. Your choice of colours will largely depend on the personality of the bride, the colour of her hair, her complexion, the clothes worn by the men at the wedding, and the colour of the dresses worn by the bride and bridesmaids. You should also think about where the wedding will take place, and how it will be decorated. Different flowers suit different seasons, so you should also consider the time of year when the wedding will be taking place.

Orchids can sometimes be blended with other flowers to great effect in a bouquet. In fact, a wedding bouquet can consist of more than flowers. You can add lace, branches, tropical greenery, rhinestones, crystals, and anything else you like.

When deciding upon the size of the orchid bouquet, you should bear in mind the style of the wedding dress and the bride’s body type. Taller and slimmer brides may suit a more slender bouquet, whereas shorter brides may suit a wider bouquet with shorter stems. While you want the bouquet to be spectacular, you do not want it to draw attention away from the bride. Also, the bridesmaids should always have smaller bouquets than the bride.

It is a good idea to choose flowers that can withstand the heat of the camera lights, and that will last a long time before wilting. You will want them to look as good at the end of the day as they did at the start. In order to ensure that the flowers are fresh, have them delivered overnight from a reputable florist – Interflora offer next day delivery on all of their bouquets.

You may want to consider silk orchids as opposed to the real thing for a wedding for a number of reasons. They are cheaper than fresh orchids, and can withstand the rigours of a wedding day without wilting or being crushed. Silk flowers come in different grades, with 1 being the cheapest and 6 being the absolute best. As a general rule, only silk orchids of grade 5 or 6 are suitable for weddings.