Care for Orchids

Three Common Orchid Diseases

Most orchid diseases occur because you're not taking proper care of the plant. It's best to check your plant on a weekly basis, as most conditions are treated best when detected early. Three of the most common diseases include petal blight, brown spot, and black rot.

Petal Blight

One of the first common diseases is petal blight. This condition is due to a fungal infection. The fungus causes your plant's flowers to develop spots on them. This is most often caused by water being allowed to collect on the surface of the flowers.

If your plant is affected with petal blight, you will need to apply fungicide to get rid of the problem. You should also increase air circulation and decrease the humidity levels. It's also best if you remove flowers that have been infected. This will reduce the likelihood of the disease spreading.

Brown Spot

One of the next common orchid diseases is brown spot. This condition, which is caused by bacteria, is very serious and can easily kill your plant. Orchids are more susceptible to the bacteria when exposed to cool and wet conditions.

This disease gets its name because the first sign of an impending problem is a brown blister located on one of the leaves. The blister will enlarge quickly and soon, the whole leaf will become infected. If you allow the infection to reach the crown of the plant, it will likely be fatal. Brown spot is treated with Physan 20 and removal of all infected leaves with sterile cutting tools.

Black Rot

Black rot is one of the final common orchid diseases. This disease, which is caused by a fungus, is also very deadly. A certain area of your plant will turn black and become watery.

Black rot can usually be treated if the affected area is only a leaf. You will have to remove the leaf with a sterile cutting tool and treat the plant with a fungicide. You may have to repeat this treatment until the infection is under control.

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