Care for Orchids

Three Types of Orchid Pots

If you're thinking about growing an orchid, you will need a pot for it. There are three common types of orchid pots that you can choose from. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss some of the different types of orchid pots.


The first type of pot you can buy for your orchid is the terracotta, or clay design. These pots are much heavier than those made from plastic. However, this extra weight also provides a nice benefit. They have much more stability, so they're better suited for outside use.

Compared to plastic designs, terracotta orchid pots lose water quickly. Also, most of them only have one drainage hole located at the bottom. However, if you want, you can probably find a few special designs that also have drainage holes on the sides of the pot.


Plastic pots are very popular. They have the benefit of being lightweight compared to other types. They also retain water for longer periods of time than their terracotta cousins. Another nice benefit of choosing a plastic design is that some of them are clear. This gives you the ability to see the roots of the plant to spot diseases or pests early.

As mentioned earlier, plastic orchid pots are lightweight. Therefore, you should be careful when using them outside or they may be blown over by the wind. Also, plastic designs are susceptible to UV light, so they will become damaged over time. Dark designs will also retain heat, so it's best to choose a design with a light color.


The final common type of pot you can buy is the basket variety. They are usually made from wire, mesh, plastic, or wood. Baskets are useful if you have a sprawling plant with pendant flowers.

The major advantage of using a basket for your orchid is that it will allow air to circulate better. The major disadvantage is that the potting medium in the pot will dry out very quickly. You also have to use blocks in the pot to provide support for the plant.

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