Care for Orchids

How to Care for Vanda Orchids

Vanda orchids are naturally found in northern Australia and eastern Asia. Most grow attached to trees, but a few grow on rocks or in the soil. These plants require extensive care, so beginners should usually try another species. This article will give you a few tips on growing vanda orchids.


These plants require lots of water during their growing season. This occurs between the months of June and September. Most people grow these orchids in baskets. With baskets, you will probably need to water them everyday. After September, you can just keep them moist while ensuring that they don't dry out completely.


Vanda orchids like a lot of sunlight. Make sure that they receive at least half a day of light in your brightest window. As the seasons change, you should relocate the plant accordingly. If you give them enough light, they may bloom two or three times a year.


During their growing season, you should feed these orchids every two weeks. The plant food you use should be balanced and at half strength. After the growing season ends in September, it's safe to reduce feedings to once a month.

Potting Medium

As mentioned earlier, most species grow on trees. Therefore, you should probably grow vanda orchids in some type of basket. This will allow the roots to hang as they would in nature. The best type of potting medium to use is usually coarse fir bark.


These orchids don't like to be moved once they're situated, or they may produce fewer flowers. Only put them in new pots once the potting medium has broken down. This should take about two or three years.

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