Care for Orchids

Four Tips for Growing Young Orchids

Young orchids are more fragile than more mature plants. Therefore, they will need a higher level of care. There are a few things you need to know before trying to grow one of these young plants. This article will give you a few tips for growing young orchids.


Needless to say, your plant will need light to survive. If you had a more mature plant, you would need to provide more intense light. Since young plants aren't in the flowering stage, it's best to provide less light for them. In most cases, your plant should have light green leaves. You should provide more light if the leaves are dark green.


While it's important to provide an adequate amount of light, you need to be careful with young orchids. Make sure there are no standing drops of water on any of the leaves. This standing water will serve to concentrate sunlight onto the leaf and cause scorching. Younger orchids are usually too fragile to survive this type of harm.


As you just learned, water can cause scorched leaves. However, an excessive amount of water in the pot can also cause harm. The excess water provides the ideal environment for the growth of fungus.

Most plants can live in harmony with a little surrounding fungus. However, these fragile plants shouldn't be exposed to this. An invasion of fungus will show signs such as white or black structures resembling a spider web. Unless you get rid of the fungus using fungicide, your plant will likely die.


Sooner or later, young orchids will need to be put into a new pot. When new growths extend over the edge, you know it's about that time. However, the roots of these young plants need time to develop, so you shouldn't make the move too early. Also, avoid putting the plant into a pot that's too large because it won't grow well.

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